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Golden Hawk Football



2013 Mid-Prairie Lift-A-Thon

Posted by derekyoder on March 8, 2013 at 9:30 AM

The 2013 Mid-Prairie Lift-A-Thon has been rescheduled for Friday, April 5th at 7:30 pm at the High School.  A Booster Supper is also being held that evening. This is the first year for the Lift-A-Thon at Mid-Prairie. The following is from from strength & conditioning coach Traimain Johnson:

Dear Athletes and Parents:


The Mid-Prairie Strength and Conditioning Program is sponsoring our first annual LIFT-A-THON. Our goal is to emphasize the importance of weight training both, in and out of season.  The LIFT-A-THON will also provide financial support for us to purchase updated equipment and fund much needed maintenance in the weight room.


Each athlete will perform three core exercises: squat, bench, and power clean. A combined score will be calculated to get a final weight for each athlete. Each athlete will get $.01/ $.05/ $ .10/ $ .25/ donations per pound they lift. Flat donations are also acceptable. The amount of your pledge will be the result of the players combined squat, bench, and power clean scores.


Our goal is to have 100% participation by all Mid-Prairie athletes.


Important Dates: April 5, 2013

Weight Room walk through- starts at 730pm

The gym will be set up for all the lifting

All PARENTS and SPONSORS are invited to attend.

Coach Johnson has already upgraded the facilities in the short time that he has been at Mid-Prairie. The weight room recently received a new floor as well as 3 new power squat racks, among other changes, but Coach Johnson has more goals in mind. Please consider helping our athletes by attending the Booster Supper, the Lift-A-Thon, or both! 

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